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>Love of Running.

February 26, 2011

>I am officially obsessed with running. Well. not obsessed, but I do have a real love for it.

 i love this quote. It is so true and exactly what I feel when I am running a race. 

Today my dad and I ran the rodeo 10k. It was a really fun run. We ran over an overpass. Woah. I am not used to running up hills (sad that a hill in Houston is an overpass.) The first one was at mile 2 and I was cruising. Dad on the other hand was struggling a little bit. Around Mile 5 we had to do it again. This time I was struggling and Dad was for sure cruising over it. 
These are the moments when I say why do I run? Why do I put myself through this? It is because there is no greater feeling than when your legs are tired, you can’t breathe, all you want to do is stop. But you know that you have that last mile. The last measly mile. 5,280 feet. You get to cross that finish line and like hell I am going to cross is walking. 
my running gear the night before! {I get nervous and like to have everything set out so I don’t forget anything.}

I was tired after the run today. We treated ourselves to queso and a margarita. That is another great reason to run. The cheese you can eat after and not feel so guilty. {side note: for valentines day I found a card for stuart it was this big block of cheese and it said, I love you more than cheese. I couldn’t buy it. I tried to. I was scared that it just wasn’t true. I mean gosh. I love that boy to death, but more than cheese? I don’t know about that. }
Ok lovies, I hope you are having a great weekend!

>Wedding Wednesday!

February 23, 2011

>I have been a terrible blogger! In between wedding planning, and applying for new teaching jobs I am swamped!

I wanted to talk today about my first shower I had last weekend.. but I wanted to do it when I got the pictures from it on my computer!

SO… I will leave you with some of the pressies I got!

The most important stuff for our house… 

margaritas anyone?

mmm… a little prosecco maybe?

or how about a nice glass of red? 

…the girls that got me my drinkware know me well. 

I can imagine a fun summer dinner party with these… 
cute salad plate!

my everyday plates… simple but lovely! 

 some yummy desserts for my stand! 

and of course my napkins.. minus the M! 

I loved every single present I got and I am so thankful for all of my friends who came out to celebrate this very special time in my life! 
Hopefully next week I will have the pictures so you can see what a beautiful job everyone did! 


February 18, 2011

>I was supposed to write a post today about how amazing my dress is. And how happy that this is the dress that Stuart will see me in for the first time when we become husband and wife. {cue swoon}

Sadly. I can’t do that. The shipments are still all messed up from all that nasty weather that NYC had, and unfortunately my dress did not get here like it said it was going to. Stupid nasty New York weather that had to mess up my dress getting to me on time. {ok. mini rant over.cue sad face.}

{hehe, although, I don’t even really like cats. sorry. it’s just cute}

This weekend I do have my first shower that I am so super excited about! I will post more on that later though!

Ok lovies. Have an amazing weekend!

doing anything fun? Challenge for the weekend: Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Go for a run without headphones! Turn off your cell phone and enjoy a lunch or dinner date without any interruptions. Let me know what it is you challenged yourself to! 

>Wedding Wednesday!

February 16, 2011

>I love Wedding Wednesday. I have always loved weddings. I guess I am just a sucker for love.

Anyways, this week I wanted to talk about our marriage counseling class that we went to last Saturday. It was ah-may-zing. amazing. I was a little skeptical about it at first, and of course Stuart was too. But we left our church Saturday afternoon with big ‘ol smiles on our faces.

{our big smiles!}

We talked about everything from Conflict Resolution {anger}, Money Matters, Sex {of course…not as awkward as I thought it would be}, and my favorite part Communication. 
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry
James 1:19
I have heard this verse a lot before. But for some reason, when Tim, the pastor who lead our class, said it, it sorta of clicked in my head. Oh.This is what marriage is about. Right here. In this passage. In these words. You listen when your partner needs you to, be careful the words you chose when you are speaking, and do not get angry over the smallest things. I will forever remember this moment. Hopefully I can remember these words in times when I really need them. 

We had an exercise to do. Eat lunch together. Uh…ok. We do this all the time. BUT No cell phones. No anything. Just the two of us and lunch. Stuart and I try and not take out our cell phones when we are eating together, but it is funny how many times I reached for my phone to check the time, or check something on the internet. Tim told us to go find a place around the church where it would be just the two of us. We chose our favorite place, outside {it was a gorgeous day, sun was shining, everything was perfect.} We layed down Stuarts tailgate, hopped in the bed of his truck and marveled at the beautiful day that God had given us. We were given a sheet and we were to ask each other these 8 questions… 

1. What was your favorite all time date the two of you went on? What was special about it? 
2. When was the last time you laughed so hard together that you cried? 
3. What is like going to look like in ten years..what’s your best guess…Where will you be living? Kids? Jobs?
4. What is one spiritual goal for 2011 that the two of you can attain together?
5. What do you think are your fiances greatest strengths? Why? 
6. What are you most looking forward to about the wedding day? Why? 
7. What is one fun date you can go on together before the big day? Where will you go? What will you do? When will you go? 
8. Go back in your mind…remember what it was like the first time your saw your fiance…Share some of these feelings and thoughts. 

We actually answered all of these questions. Although we had talked about most of this stuff already, it was fun to go back and think about our first date, and how often we laugh together… I think we laugh together so much that it is a hobby! 

Ok. This was definitely not as fun as hearing the proposal, or talking about colors, dresses, shoes…blah blah. 

But it was important. 

Always talk to your partner. Never let the communication go. because if it does, what do you have left? 


>Tuesdays Tunes and what I can’t stop doing…

February 15, 2011

>I have a confession.

If I don’t tell someone I might go crazy.

I keep telling my self to stop doing it.

Or that this is the last time.

I keep….

{feeling lots of shame right now… shame, shame, shame….}

Looking at my Wedding Registry to see what I have gotten. AHHHHH feels so much better to get that off my shoulders.

It could be a lot worse right. right? I mean. I don’t know WHO has gotten me anything. I just know that people love me enough to want to buy the stuff that Stuart and I will need for our cute house that we have yet to find!

Ok. I feel better. Thanks bloggy friends.

Now, back to our regular Tuesday…

madiTunes… {hehe}

Dog Days Are Over– Florence + The Machine
Little Lion Man– Mumford & Sons
Wildflowers-Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Weight– The Band
Bumblebee– Band of Heathens
Thrift Store T-shirt– Brent Jordan {go here, listen to this song. it is awesome. and then go here and here and become addicted to this cute family!}
Lights On the Stage- Cory Morrow
Alabama– Cross Canadian Ragweed

is there any music I should be listening to? anything out there really good!? I’m always up for suggestions! 


>Weekend Recap!

February 13, 2011


{love this… it can be found here}

Maybe it was because it was the weekend before the big love filled holiday. but.. I was in love with this weekend. It was one of those good, relaxing, smiley weekends.

Friday night started out with an awesome dinner and a bottle of wine, and ended with a pitcher of beer and big buck hunter. Maybe not every girls ideal dream date. But it was for me. Stubabes and I got to spend time together doing things that we enjoy doing!

Saturday was marriage class. We woke up bright and early at 7:00 and got to the class at 9:00. Truthfully, I was so looking forward to this class, although we had to get up at a ridiculous time on a Saturday {I might have said that this was the worst part on the evaluation!} After it was over we were so happy we did it! {I really want to talk about what we learned in this class so be looking for that later this week!} We went to an awesome wedding shower Saturday night! All I will say is the house we went to had a slide inside {yes, in the house!} and I may or may not have gone down it in my dress and heels! you are only young once right? probably not my most ladylike moment! 

Last but not least, my favorite day! Sunday. It is so relaxing, it is when Stu and I go house hunting with our coffee and listen to music really loud, and if it is nice like it was today we open the sunroof and roll down all the windows and enjoying the cool breeze! We were also very sporty today and played ping-pong, rode our bikes AND played a lot of frisbee! 

Ok loves, off to finish my handmade card to Stubabes. {is it sad that this is all he will be getting! I hope not!}

Miss Amber @ Sweet Pea tweeted about a Kate Spade giveway she had entered. So of course I had to go check it out! After reading through a couple of pages of Texas Prep I knew that there was no way that I could not follow this girl! A blogger, a Texas girl, and a runner! Everything that I love! {and after looking at her Kindle reading list the first book she has listed is the first book I read on my Kindle.. I think we were meant to be friends!} So go over and enter the giveway. or better yet just go follow Ashley Lauren!

>All you need is love.

February 10, 2011

>Today love showed itself to me in two very fun ways.

I was in carpool {not the best part of my day}. It was freezing, cloudy, and just plain dreary. I look down and there in the cold concrete was a sign that even something so hard can have love.

A heart in the concrete! seriously made my day. I found it this morning and was full of love all day. 

and then… 
We were having snack and playing and the sun had come out, and the sky was so beautifully blue. My co-teacher comes over to me and shows me this… 
a beautiful leaf heart! 

I think that this was Gods way of telling me to stop and look at all of the love around. Valentines is so soon and I am so happy that I found these two little reminders of love. 
love, love to everyone! 

>Wedding Wednesday..Part 2!

February 9, 2011


{The Proposal}
[if you missed part one go here]
…I was starving, so I made Stubabes stop and get us some breakfast since we had planned to go hike Enchanted Rock and go to Fredericksburg that  day. {yes this should have been a clue that something was going to happen, but no. I had already convinced myself it wasn’t.} So we get to the house and looking back on it Stuart was acting so weird. Running from his parents room {where the ring was his dads printer.ha.} to his room downstairs. to the fridge where I went over and asked him if he needed help and he pretty much screamed at me to get out {he was putting a mini bottle of prosecco in his camelbak, also where the ring was hidden!} I was oblivious to everything. 
So we started our trek to Fredericksburg! We had a lot of fun in the car singing, and being dorky! I was so unaware the he was so nervous about what was about to happen. We start our hike up Enchanted Rock, and if you have never been, it is not that easy of a hike, not hard, but definitely not easy! Stuart was FLYING up the mountain. I was behind complaining. I really couldn’t breathe, and he was basically running up the dang thing. I stopped many, many times and he basically dragged me to the top. We finally reach our destination and I immediately want to go back down to the AC. Stuart on the other hand wanted me to go down the other side and on top of some secluded rocks. After a lot of convincing, and helping me get up the scary rocks and what do I do? I sit. Not good for when someone wants to get on one knee. He starts saying sweet things to me, and I keep thinking aw Stu, you so sweet.

And then. he says “one day we will bring our kids here” {lightbulb goes off in my head} Ok Madi. he is proposing, you need to get up and give him a hug {side note: don’t do this. it was awkward and he pushed me away so he could get on one knee. haha.} he gets on one knee, asks me, puts a ring on my finger, and I proceed to say OH.MY.GOD for the next minute. He had to re-ask so I could scream yes! 

{terrible picture, but this was right after!} 
We had an amazing rest of the day visiting Fredericksburg where we went to a local brewery where we ate and drank yummy beer {In Fredericksburg you get to walk around with your beer.. it was awesome!} and Luckenbach! It is going to be a day I will remember forever. I am so lucky I get to marry my best friend!

We came home to an amazing engagement party thrown by my parents…

Just a preview for what went down…
{more on this next week!} 
 our wonderful sign my MOH/Future SIL made us! 
 first time Mom saw the bling bling! 
 just some of the awesome people that came to celebrate! 
 shots, shots, shots!! 
 this is what tequila can do to you! {trying to throw each other in the pool!} 
 yep, thats my dad and my future FIL 
 lots of good dancing! 
and of course… more shots! 
come back next wednesday for the Engagement Party post!! 
have an amazing day! 

>Tuesdays Tunes and my good things!

February 8, 2011

>Here is what I am listening to tonight…

Finally Moving– Pretty Lights
Tighten Up– The Black Keys
Need You Now– Glee version
She’s Like Texas– Josh Abbott Band
Free/Into The Mystic- Zac Brown Band {go to iTunes and download this song immediately. Off the Pass The Jar album.}
Oh My Sweet Carolina– Ryan Adams
Nobody– Robert Randolph and The Family Band {not the best video, but awesome song. Download it!}
Washed By the Water– Needtobreathe
Free Fallin’– John Mayer
I Will Wait– Hootie and the Blowfish

Today has been one of those good days from the moment my feet hit the floor. I woke up, groggy, thinking it was Monday. I go through my whole morning routine when I realize it’s Tuesday. Yes. {not that Tuesdays are much better than a Monday, but it is one day closer to Friday.!} Good thing #1

 I am getting the kiddos lunch ready. I get an e-mail. My PPR scores are ready {the last test I had to take before becoming a teacher!} I debate checking the scores. I go online and check. You have to zoom in on the phone to see if you passed or not. more debating over to zoom or not. I zoom. I see. I PASSED! YES!!!! No more standardized test for this chick. Nope! Good thing #2 

 I decided that if I workout that I will treat myself to prosecco! So I had an awesome workout and now I am enjoying… Good thing #3 

the best prosecco ever! {seriously. it is. go buy it. it’s like $12 you will be happy!} 

I also received this in the mail when I got home… Good thing #4 
{rodeo 10K run stuff!} 

I am so excited to run this thing for some reason! Maybe because I have run a million 5Ks and a Half-Marathon, but never a 10K. 
I am sad because stubabes has to work until 9 {yes that is ridiculous!} tonight. He got to work at 7:30 this morning, that is a 13 1/2 hour day {poor stuart}. I hate this time of year for Stuart. But it gives me a chance to watch my shows {glee and pretty little liars!} 

>Mondays goals and other ramblings…

February 7, 2011

>After going back to my last week Monday post, I had completed all of my goals. It really is amazing what writing your goals down can do for you. I love going back and seeing what I accomplished in the last week, even if it was something small just the fact that I wrote it down and wanted to completed and did makes me feel a little happier about myself! 

Mondays Goals! 

1. Run at least 3 times this week/Go to gym at least twice {I started my training for the 10K that is in 19 days. {ah} I ran 3 miles @ a 9:30 pace Sunday, and I ran 3.4 miles @ a 9:39 pace. I was pretty proud of myself! And I actually felt good doing it!}

2. Stamp and send the Saves 

3. Plan a dinner party with friends! 

Making easy goals this week! 

I worked out at home last week 2 or 3 days, I can’t remember. But I was sitting there and I was getting kind of bored with what I was doing so I went and ordered… 

I feel like a super dork and it’s not like I think I am going to really lose 5 pounds in a week or burn MEGA CALORIES {ha}… but I’ve heard that it is a really good yoga workout that is more aerobic! Which is what I was looking for.. plus go HERE  {one of my most favorite running blogs!, and look at her sister-in-laws arms. I mean woah! I need that before the wedding!} 

I also bought this workout top… 

I think it is a pretty workout top! I hate, hate, hate when the tops are stuck to my stomach, and I feel like I have to suck everything in, so this one is a little more flowy and I think I am going to be ordering some more! It can be found here

I need to stop ordering stuff from amazon. It is getting bad. 

Ok loves, I am off to stamp my saves!