>I was supposed to write a post today about how amazing my dress is. And how happy that this is the dress that Stuart will see me in for the first time when we become husband and wife. {cue swoon}

Sadly. I can’t do that. The shipments are still all messed up from all that nasty weather that NYC had, and unfortunately my dress did not get here like it said it was going to. Stupid nasty New York weather that had to mess up my dress getting to me on time. {ok. mini rant over.cue sad face.}

{hehe, although, I don’t even really like cats. sorry. it’s just cute}

This weekend I do have my first shower that I am so super excited about! I will post more on that later though!

Ok lovies. Have an amazing weekend!

doing anything fun? Challenge for the weekend: Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Go for a run without headphones! Turn off your cell phone and enjoy a lunch or dinner date without any interruptions. Let me know what it is you challenged yourself to! 


One Response to “>Wah.”

  1. Cat Says:

    >LAME SAUCE. I wanted a text with a picture in it! I am definitely going to try the running and then lunch thing…. we will see how it goes!

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