>Wedding Wednesday!

>I have been a terrible blogger! In between wedding planning, and applying for new teaching jobs I am swamped!

I wanted to talk today about my first shower I had last weekend.. but I wanted to do it when I got the pictures from it on my computer!

SO… I will leave you with some of the pressies I got!

The most important stuff for our house… 

margaritas anyone?

mmm… a little prosecco maybe?

or how about a nice glass of red? 

…the girls that got me my drinkware know me well. 

I can imagine a fun summer dinner party with these… 
cute salad plate!

my everyday plates… simple but lovely! 

 some yummy desserts for my stand! 

and of course my napkins.. minus the M! 

I loved every single present I got and I am so thankful for all of my friends who came out to celebrate this very special time in my life! 
Hopefully next week I will have the pictures so you can see what a beautiful job everyone did! 


One Response to “>Wedding Wednesday!”

  1. Miss Chelsea Says:

    >Ooh I love those salad plates! Where did you get them? Is it sad that I work for a liquor distributor, am always bringing home bottles of booze and yet I just realized I don't own any martini, margarita OR wine glasses?!? I need to work on that!

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