>Wonderful Wednesday.

>Yes. It is usually Wedding Wednesday. BUT…..

This morning as I was eating my oatmeal, I always check my favorite blogs, and so as I was doing that this morning I got to Christine’s blog at bun & borough {if you have not been to her blog go. run. now! she is an amazing blogger and a runner that lives in NYC and she always posts the best playlists!} So as I was saying, I was reading her post about the Lands End Canvas giveaway she did {that I entered, because girlfriend over here is in some serious need of honeymoon clothes!} and guess what! 
.. well I was 1 of 2 runners up and I get to choose a bathing suit and a beach tote bag! YES! even more motivation to get in the gym and kick my butt in workouts!

I was told to only wear bandeau tops {since the wedding dress is strapless} so I’m thinking this top.. I am going to get the string bikini bottoms just FYI.. I just cant get the dang picture to upload. arg. 
the tote I think I am going to get..kind of want to get my new initials monogrammed on it 🙂 
SO, I wanted to give a big, big THANK YOU to Christine and Lands End Canvas for treating me to a new honeymoon bathing suit!! 
Ok now for our regular scheduled programming… 
Wedding Wednesday 

Someone {ahem Amber @ Sweet Pea} requested that I give a preview of my save the date
So without further adieu…
{oh how I love him!}
{sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. our scanner isn’t working. boo.}
This was an unusual picture choice, I know this. I chose this picture because Stuart and I are not perfect, we don’t have perfect hair, or teeth, we don’t have the perfect relationship, we are who we are, we laugh a lot , we cry {not too often!}, we hug, we get mad, get our feelings hurt, love each other more than anything on this earth, this picture said everything about us, the so not perfect couple who feels that they need to choose the picture that makes us look like the perfect couple. I saw it and immediately felt love. It is so hard to describe the way that we felt in that moment and I really felt that this picture showed off so much emotion. so much happiness, knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with the person that means the most to me in the world, . My favorite part {other than the picture} is the word Kindly. My Mom thought to use it {I love Moms and how they always know how to add that special touch to things.} and I fell in love with it. It sounds so sweet and simple, like you are asking your best friends and family in the most pleasant way to come enjoy and celebrate this most wonderful time in your life. kindly. six little letters, that really changed the way I thought about my wedding. 
I have gotten more compliments on my Save the Date than I ever imagined. I really feel that it is because I chose something original. It wasn’t the norm. and people loved it. So the next time you have a chance. be yourself. do what you want to do. 
love you girls!

I want to know what you do to be original..Is it your blog? a hobby you have? what you wear? talk to me ladies! 


2 Responses to “>Wonderful Wednesday.”

  1. Cat Says:

    >My blog for sure! Your Save The Date is on my bulletin board! I look at you and Stuie everyday! SO EXCITED ABOUT THE WEDDING. Emailing you right meow!

  2. caley-jade rosenberg Says:

    >LOVE your Save the Date – our wedding stationery was very "us"x

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