>A Confession.. and a Funny Story

>Hi Lovies. This is going to be quick, as I am a busy girl tonight!

Confession #1

I have a birthday dinner tonight, and we are going to dinner with a couple of our friends. Of course I will only eat at the Cyclones dinner and not the birthday dinner, because who in their right mind passes up Cyclone Anayas? {for non-houstonians, it is an a-mah-zing Mexican food restaurant!}

SO, onto the confession. I get home and I have to take a shower since my hair is scary and I have had 16, 5 year olds crawling over me all day and what do I do you ask? I definitely showered with a glass of prosecco. Don’t judge me, kthanks!

{mmmm hot shower mixed with cold prosecco bubbles. try it. you will thank me.} 
Funny Story… 
I hesitate posting this. I have to use a nasty word, but what the H this is my blog and I get to say what I want right? YES! 
We are learning to write our letters {the correct way} and today we were on A. I go around the table and each kid tells me a word that starts with A. I get answers like Ant, Act, Apple, you know the normal words that 5 year olds know. I come to my last student and he says “Anus”. um Stop. WHAT? no. {actually what I said to him.} He proceeds to say it at least 3 more times, Anus starts with A, Anus, Anus, Anus. Ok. Yes. Anus does start with A. At this point I am hysterically laughing. I had more work to do with them, but I let them go play because when you hear Anus at 8:30 in the morning what are you supposed to do. 
Just one more reason I love my job. ha 
Quick post done. Love and sorry that you each will not be enjoying the deliciousness of cyclones tonight! 


3 Responses to “>A Confession.. and a Funny Story”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    >I just ate there for the FIRST time last night. Can I please just say that it was absolutely amazing? What do you get to eat when you go?By the way, I found out that their margaritas are strong. Tasty, but very strong!

  2. Cat Says:

    >I am literally dying laughing. Maybe I should teach preschool.

  3. cAc Says:

    >Omg that is SOOOO funny! I am really going to have to try this prosecco thing 🙂 I'm sitting on the porch drinking a blue moon now but it's definitely in my future to try that! Btw I'm behind but I love your save the dates!!!!!!

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