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April 28, 2011

>I graduated on a beautiful Saturday morning, May 9, 2009 exactly. I curled my hair, wore a summery seersucker dress, put on my new high heels, and finally got to wear my cap and gown. I remember being so giddy that day. I was graduating college. It was a dream. I couldn’t believe my 4 years of college had flown by with a blink of an eye. I remember feeling that this is the day that I become an adult. This is the day where I get to chose my future. What will my life hold for me. Where will I be. I had so many unanswered questions, but the world was at my fingertips. Tuscaloosa, Alabama was my home. My home for 4 amazing years of my life. I get to stand tall and be proud and say that I attended the University of Alabama. I graduated from this not just amazing school, but it is a part of my family. Every last one of the students, faculty, volunteers, football players, baseball players, groundskeeper, fan for life, and everyone else who is a part of UA we are all family. We live and breathe for the University of Alabama, not just because of football, but because it is a part of who we are. My brother was supposed to graduate on May 7. supposed to graduate. Because of the horrific tornado he won’t get to walk across the stage wearing his cap and gown. I thank the Lord that Taylor, and everyone else that I personally know are ok. But he doesn’t get to walk across stage. He doesn’t get to hear Taylor Graham Hastings graduating with a Degree in…. He doesn’t get to throw his cap up. He doesn’t get to take his picture with all of his friends, that have also worked so hard to become a graduate. Instead they are volunteering. Rebuilding. Working so hard to help the City of Tuscaloosa. The graduates of 2011 are going to be there to rebuild, and make sure that more generations get to experience Tuscaloosa. They aren’t sulking at home because the one time in their life that they get to graduate college has been cancelled. They are helping neighbors. Letting others stay at their house. Doing whatever it takes. I am proud to call all of them my family. I am praying for every last person who has been affected by this terrible disaster. 

I wish that my little brother could experience graduation. I am very proud of him. He is one of my best friends and I am so happy that I got to experience 2 years with him in T-town. We had so much fun together and I will always cherish those 2 years. I love Tuscaloosa and I know that we will come back better than ever! 
please continue your prayers. 



April 26, 2011


I watched this last night because I had been hearing so much about it. and wow. It is truly amazing. If you haven’t watched please do.

love it.

>Wedding Wednesday

April 20, 2011

>I love it. Favorite bloggy day. I get to talk about my wedding and no one can say anything!

I dedicate today to Honeymoon time.

Stu and I just finalized our hotel/flight plans and so I thought I would share where we will be going.

We debated for forever on where we should go. Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Hawaii, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Italy {ha. we wish!}… We finally settled on..

San Francisco and… 
Napa Valley! 
Although it isn’t a beach. It is totally Stuart and I. So many people said that we just had to go to some romantic beach for our honeymoon. and we definitely considered it. but, we did what we wanted to do. Explore the beautiful San Fran. drink delicious wine, get massages, lay out by the pool in Napa. It might not be St. Lucia, with the beautiful water and beach, and the amazing tan. We wanted to start out our marriage by doing something special that we love to do and this was the perfect choice for US! 
We are staying here in San Francisco.. 
Hotel Palomar!… so close to Fishermans Wharf, Union much other stuff! 
In Napa we will be sleeping, drinking, tanning here… 
The Meritage Resort.. was recommended by a friend and seems super nice! 
I am so excited to go to the vineyards and explore all of San Fran and Napa! Now I need to get honeymoon shopping!! 
Any suggestions on what I should wear on my week long vacay to Cali!? And what do we think of Jack Rogers? I was thinking about getting some but I just can’t decide so help a girl out! 

YES to Jack Rogers, or a big fat NAH pass and get something else! I want to know what you think! 


>TGIF and a little reminiscing.

April 15, 2011

>thank.god.its.friday. FINALLY. Not that this week has been incredibly long, but I am just really ready to kick back and relax this weekend. 

This weekend is going to be all about relaxing, wedding showers {for 2 great friends. on the same day. oy} and looking for houses! 
Ok. I’m ready. It’s Friday, I’m feeling like I need a pick me up and since I can’t go to the real Vegas, I thought I would reminisce through pictures about our SB2011 trip there!
 well hello Graciano {my bro Grayson has many nicknames. this is my favorite!}
 the only picture I really got of the boys before Hunter said no pictures/facebooking/tweeting the whole time we are in Vegas. Boo. {Cat why must your bf insist on such things!}
my famous Vegas hotel hall pose. I can’t find the picture from my 21st birfday but I had this same shot in Caesars and now Bellagio, so every time I stay at a new Vegas hotel this will for sure be my pose!
 Adam and I watching the Bellagio Fountains! woohoo! {looking a little rough after a few proseccos!}
big money winner babbbbyy!!! he won $26,000 on a penny slot. my lucky brother. 

 woah. Vegas was conquered the first night! 
I’m with the big winner! 
People were literally coming up to Tay asking to shake his hand for good luck. I mean really who goes to Vegas for the first time EVER and wins that amount of money? Taylor does, the luckiest guy you will ever meet. 
We had so much fun on this trip and made so many good memories. We were all exhausted after the trip, but I really can’t wait to go back with all of my boys really soon! 
Have an awesome weekend! 

what are you daydreaming about right now!? the beach, getting your tan on with a cold drink in hand!? sounds delicious to me! 


>Hacked. Wedding Wednesday..kinda?

April 13, 2011

>I thought someone hacked into my email. This is why I have been MIA since Monday! Thank goodness I got the problem resolved and I am back in business!

Lets see… for Wedding Wednesday I wanted to talk about BACHELORETTE!!

Top 5 moments {that I am willing to share} from Bachelorette weekend!

1. Laying out by Lakeway pool and feeling like a rich and famous person. Poolside service, Cabana… the works!
{not so fun is the hardcore sunburn I got.}

2. Doing 2 tequila shots in a row. {hate shots, and I took those down like a champ!}

3. Doing the splits in the middle of a bar. Why did I think this was a good idea? Tequila told me so.

4. Falling after trying to do a high kick in the bar. Why did I think this was a good idea? Again tequila told me so.

5. Dance party in the stretch hummer limo on the way home from Austin.

I had so much fun with all of my girls and we made some serious memories that will last a lifetime!

…took some cute pictures… here are the ones I can share!

{future SIL made the tutu and veil… she is awesome! why am I standing so awkward?}
{just some of my wonderful girls!}
{doing the fist pump and leg kick a la Today’s Letters..after going down the big slide!}
I wish I could show you all of the amazing stuff that Kelley {SIL/MOH} did to make this weekend possible. She is awesome and I am so lucky that my best friend also gets to be my SIL. 
Ok loves. I hope you are having a wonderful week! 

>Fixer Upper?

April 7, 2011

>Stuart and I get married in 100 days. Wow. Time flew by, we have been engaged for 8 months already! Woah doggie. 

Anyways, we have 100 days to go and nowhere to live. yep. we will be homeless unless we find something soon. Good things is I think I might have found us something! 

Its 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, big yard, new roof, new A/C unit, new plumbing… 


It is a total fixer upper I mean, gross, nasty kitchen, gross carpet {that has hardwood floors under them…this I don’t understand! WHY do that to beautiful wood floors?} I know the bedrooms must be bad. And the bathrooms must be worse, but I can make it our home. Make is the way we want it. 

So, I’m thinking for the outside… 

a new bright front door with pretty numbers!

landscape!! a little much..but the house needs some ding dang curb appeal! 
I’ll keep you updated on what happens..never know. I could be the next Bailey a la Peppermint Bliss .. ha. I wish I had an ounce of her talent. 
Bachelorette party starts tomorrow. That is all I have to say. Quoting Christine from bun & borough  .. it is going to be a “Cant Stop. Wont Stop.” kind of weekend. 


April 5, 2011

>Yes. It has officially started. Wedding diet time. I felt that since the WEDDING DAY IS 102 days away! {WOOHOO} I needed to actually do something to look good!

blah to diets. 😦 

I have started working out with 2 {!} trainers twice a week. My trainer on Mondays focuses on weights and lifting, and my trainer on Wednesdays is bootcamp style! I am hoping that this will kick my body into wedding dress material… but we shall see!! This diet is mostly protein. I eat a huge, huge breakfast. A good size lunch, and a small dinner. I have 2 snacks and days I workout with trainers I have a protein shake after. Woah nellie! On my food schedule she made for me at the top in big letters it says “NO BREAD” 😦

Anyways I wanted to share a sample day of dieting with you.

3-4 Egg Whites
1/2 cup Oatmeals with berries

2-3 Hard-boiled eggs with a small side of spinach

Chicken/Fish, sweet potato or brown rice or quinoa, green beans/spinach/broccoli

1 small apple
1 tsp. Sunbutter

Chicken/Fish/Lean Turkey/Pork Tenderloin, small sweet potato {this is for M/W}

Spinach Salad, cucumbers, small tomatoes, broccoli, black beans {T/TH}

Water: 4-6 bottles of water a DAY {90 ounces}

Protein Shake: {only on M/W} Whey protein, water, and 1/2 banana

lots of protein.

no more yummy carbs. 

wish me luck. I will for sure need it. {since she also wanted me to give up/extremely cut down on drinking. oy! that is going to be a toughie}