>Yes. It has officially started. Wedding diet time. I felt that since the WEDDING DAY IS 102 days away! {WOOHOO} I needed to actually do something to look good!

blah to diets. 😦 

I have started working out with 2 {!} trainers twice a week. My trainer on Mondays focuses on weights and lifting, and my trainer on Wednesdays is bootcamp style! I am hoping that this will kick my body into wedding dress material… but we shall see!! This diet is mostly protein. I eat a huge, huge breakfast. A good size lunch, and a small dinner. I have 2 snacks and days I workout with trainers I have a protein shake after. Woah nellie! On my food schedule she made for me at the top in big letters it says “NO BREAD” πŸ˜¦

Anyways I wanted to share a sample day of dieting with you.

3-4 Egg Whites
1/2 cup Oatmeals with berries

2-3 Hard-boiled eggs with a small side of spinach

Chicken/Fish, sweet potato or brown rice or quinoa, green beans/spinach/broccoli

1 small apple
1 tsp. Sunbutter

Chicken/Fish/Lean Turkey/Pork Tenderloin, small sweet potato {this is for M/W}

Spinach Salad, cucumbers, small tomatoes, broccoli, black beans {T/TH}

Water: 4-6 bottles of water a DAY {90 ounces}

Protein Shake: {only on M/W} Whey protein, water, and 1/2 banana

lots of protein.

no more yummy carbs. 

wish me luck. I will for sure need it. {since she also wanted me to give up/extremely cut down on drinking. oy! that is going to be a toughie}



4 Responses to “>Diet?”

  1. Cat Says:

    >Wait, your diet sounds really yummy. I hate hard boiled eggs though. What is a substitute? I'll get skinny with you!

  2. Madi Says:

    >Cat- You can do a nut, like almonds, walnuts, but only a handful!! Make sure your Peanut Butter is the all natural kind!

  3. cAc Says:

    >Oh my word good luck! I think I would only last 1 day! I have always wanted to do something similar but I have no wedding as my incentive! πŸ™‚

  4. Faith Says:

    >LOVE that image!! πŸ™‚ good luck with your diet and workout.

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