>Fixer Upper?

>Stuart and I get married in 100 days. Wow. Time flew by, we have been engaged for 8 months already! Woah doggie. 

Anyways, we have 100 days to go and nowhere to live. yep. we will be homeless unless we find something soon. Good things is I think I might have found us something! 

Its 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, big yard, new roof, new A/C unit, new plumbing… 


It is a total fixer upper I mean, gross, nasty kitchen, gross carpet {that has hardwood floors under them…this I don’t understand! WHY do that to beautiful wood floors?} I know the bedrooms must be bad. And the bathrooms must be worse, but I can make it our home. Make is the way we want it. 

So, I’m thinking for the outside… 

a new bright front door with pretty numbers!

landscape!! a little much..but the house needs some ding dang curb appeal! 
I’ll keep you updated on what happens..never know. I could be the next Bailey a la Peppermint Bliss .. ha. I wish I had an ounce of her talent. 
Bachelorette party starts tomorrow. That is all I have to say. Quoting Christine from bun & borough  .. it is going to be a “Cant Stop. Wont Stop.” kind of weekend. 

3 Responses to “>Fixer Upper?”

  1. Cat Says:

    >UM I LOOOOOVVVEEE THE Landscape picture! I can't wait to have my own fixer upper!

  2. cAc Says:

    >I adore that door!!!! Front doors are my favorite part of the outside of a house! I'm sure you would be fab at making that house a home!

  3. Miss Chelsea Says:

    >My house was a fixer upper! The whole process is trying, and tiring and frustrating at times… but it's so fun and it really makes you smile when you sit down at the end of the day and realize how much you made your house a home! (wow that kinda got sappy there, sorry ha)

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