>TGIF and a little reminiscing.

>thank.god.its.friday. FINALLY. Not that this week has been incredibly long, but I am just really ready to kick back and relax this weekend. 

This weekend is going to be all about relaxing, wedding showers {for 2 great friends. on the same day. oy} and looking for houses! 
Ok. I’m ready. It’s Friday, I’m feeling like I need a pick me up and since I can’t go to the real Vegas, I thought I would reminisce through pictures about our SB2011 trip there!
 well hello Graciano {my bro Grayson has many nicknames. this is my favorite!}
 the only picture I really got of the boys before Hunter said no pictures/facebooking/tweeting the whole time we are in Vegas. Boo. {Cat why must your bf insist on such things!}
my famous Vegas hotel hall pose. I can’t find the picture from my 21st birfday but I had this same shot in Caesars and now Bellagio, so every time I stay at a new Vegas hotel this will for sure be my pose!
 Adam and I watching the Bellagio Fountains! woohoo! {looking a little rough after a few proseccos!}
big money winner babbbbyy!!! he won $26,000 on a penny slot. my lucky brother. 

 woah. Vegas was conquered the first night! 
I’m with the big winner! 
People were literally coming up to Tay asking to shake his hand for good luck. I mean really who goes to Vegas for the first time EVER and wins that amount of money? Taylor does, the luckiest guy you will ever meet. 
We had so much fun on this trip and made so many good memories. We were all exhausted after the trip, but I really can’t wait to go back with all of my boys really soon! 
Have an awesome weekend! 

what are you daydreaming about right now!? the beach, getting your tan on with a cold drink in hand!? sounds delicious to me! 


3 Responses to “>TGIF and a little reminiscing.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    >Hi Madison.:)I happened upon your blog today and am also a newly engaged teacher so I am following now. Looks like you had a fun SB trip to Vegas – how lucky was your brother?! Hope your weekend is fabulous.xoxo, elizabeth@ Life with Elizabeth

  2. cAc Says:

    >That's EXACTLY what I'm daydreaming about!!! Come oooon summer! That trip looks like so much fun and I love your outfits! Have an awesome time at your showers!

  3. Maddie Says:

    >This looks like a blast! Cute blog! I am about to become a high school teacher in Houston, TX in a month and a half so I'm looking forward to hearing about your teaching, though your kids are a little younger 🙂 Currently daydreaming about some good Southern BBQ and some sweet tea and some warmer weather.xoMaddie http://www.missstilley.com

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