>Wedding Wednesday

>I love it. Favorite bloggy day. I get to talk about my wedding and no one can say anything!

I dedicate today to Honeymoon time.

Stu and I just finalized our hotel/flight plans and so I thought I would share where we will be going.

We debated for forever on where we should go. Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Hawaii, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Italy {ha. we wish!}… We finally settled on..

San Francisco and… 
Napa Valley! 
Although it isn’t a beach. It is totally Stuart and I. So many people said that we just had to go to some romantic beach for our honeymoon. and we definitely considered it. but, we did what we wanted to do. Explore the beautiful San Fran. drink delicious wine, get massages, lay out by the pool in Napa. It might not be St. Lucia, with the beautiful water and beach, and the amazing tan. We wanted to start out our marriage by doing something special that we love to do and this was the perfect choice for US! 
We are staying here in San Francisco.. 
Hotel Palomar!… so close to Fishermans Wharf, Union Square..so much other stuff! 
In Napa we will be sleeping, drinking, tanning here… 
The Meritage Resort.. was recommended by a friend and seems super nice! 
I am so excited to go to the vineyards and explore all of San Fran and Napa! Now I need to get honeymoon shopping!! 
Any suggestions on what I should wear on my week long vacay to Cali!? And what do we think of Jack Rogers? I was thinking about getting some but I just can’t decide so help a girl out! 

YES to Jack Rogers, or a big fat NAH pass and get something else! I want to know what you think! 


2 Responses to “>Wedding Wednesday”

  1. cAc Says:

    >YES YES YES YES YES get Jack Rogers! Go look at bloggie once I actually finish posting today! I was hoping you would do Wedding Wednesday today! I love your posts about it! And that's such a cute honeymoon idea. My man and I have discussed going to San Fran just for fun (no honeymoons for us anytime soon) and so you must post fun pics so I can show him how much we should really go! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    >I am so enjoying reading these posts now that I found your blog – especially since I'm in the very beginning stages of planning my own wedding.I spent several weeks in San Francisco several years ago and had a fabulous time. There's so much to do! And you don't have to deal with clearing customs or international airports right after your wedding! You must, must, must get a pair of Jacks! They're great for sight seeing because one you break them in (do this before you leave!) they're comfy. (Stephen Bonnanos are even more comfy and cost about the same but you might have to order them depending on wear you live). You can wear them to dinner without feeling underdressed if you don't have time to change or just don't want to deal with heels! You'll love them!

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