>I graduated on a beautiful Saturday morning, May 9, 2009 exactly. I curled my hair, wore a summery seersucker dress, put on my new high heels, and finally got to wear my cap and gown. I remember being so giddy that day. I was graduating college. It was a dream. I couldn’t believe my 4 years of college had flown by with a blink of an eye. I remember feeling that this is the day that I become an adult. This is the day where I get to chose my future. What will my life hold for me. Where will I be. I had so many unanswered questions, but the world was at my fingertips. Tuscaloosa, Alabama was my home. My home for 4 amazing years of my life. I get to stand tall and be proud and say that I attended the University of Alabama. I graduated from this not just amazing school, but it is a part of my family. Every last one of the students, faculty, volunteers, football players, baseball players, groundskeeper, fan for life, and everyone else who is a part of UA we are all family. We live and breathe for the University of Alabama, not just because of football, but because it is a part of who we are. My brother was supposed to graduate on May 7. supposed to graduate. Because of the horrific tornado he won’t get to walk across the stage wearing his cap and gown. I thank the Lord that Taylor, and everyone else that I personally know are ok. But he doesn’t get to walk across stage. He doesn’t get to hear Taylor Graham Hastings graduating with a Degree in…. He doesn’t get to throw his cap up. He doesn’t get to take his picture with all of his friends, that have also worked so hard to become a graduate. Instead they are volunteering. Rebuilding. Working so hard to help the City of Tuscaloosa. The graduates of 2011 are going to be there to rebuild, and make sure that more generations get to experience Tuscaloosa. They aren’t sulking at home because the one time in their life that they get to graduate college has been cancelled. They are helping neighbors. Letting others stay at their house. Doing whatever it takes. I am proud to call all of them my family. I am praying for every last person who has been affected by this terrible disaster. 

I wish that my little brother could experience graduation. I am very proud of him. He is one of my best friends and I am so happy that I got to experience 2 years with him in T-town. We had so much fun together and I will always cherish those 2 years. I love Tuscaloosa and I know that we will come back better than ever! 
please continue your prayers. 


One Response to “>Graduation.”

  1. caley-jade rosenberg Says:

    >Thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. And I hope that your brother manages to get some sort of graduation ceremony later on…x

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